Friday, July 8, 2022

Dialed In

The HydraBed on White Horse was a huge improvement to our operation, but she took some fine tuning to get her really working good. 8 cows later, she's running smooth.

Once we've shot our critter, we load her up and haul her to the pasture. 

The lift arms make gutting a breeze. 

Next, we unhook and extend our arms to grab the back legs.

Probably the greatest improvement was the hooks on the lift arms. This was our third try. What makes them tricky is that they have to rotate, keeping the chain vertical, while the arms travel a total of 180 degrees. Looks like they do the trick. 

With the arms fully extended we can get her skinned without kneeling down. 12' is a minimum height needed to string a cow.

The great thing with the HydraBed is that we can also swing the carcass into the truck bed. Once there, we quarter the front shoulders.

Then lay the hinds in and lop off the the final two hooves. 

Giddy up.

With White Horse dialed in we can operate as a one man band. This is helpful because I'm running out of cowboys that want to shoot a cow with me. Such is life I guess. It's hard feeding American by yourself, but the mission must continue. Thankfully I have my trusty caballo by my side to do the heavy lifting.

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