Friday, June 24, 2022

Tear Down in Order to Build Up

With the pivot sprinkler in its permanent place it was time to tackle the corrals. But before we can build new ones we had to tear down the old ones  

For Grandpa, this barn yard was a labor of love. I lost count of how many fence post he stuck in the ground. But the weather and wind had taken it's toll on the wood. It’s time to start fresh. 

It was also an opportune time to teach Gerry some down and dirty ranch skills. 

Here's how you roll up wire.

And pile it in a truck.

Along with the fence, there were also some unused lean to's that needed to go.

Nice ranch truck, partner.

I pretty much stuck to the dozer work. No sense in getting dirty if you don’t have to.

Piling up the old posts, lumber, and weeds for burning made me feel like king of the mountain. 

Gerry too.

Looks nice.

The next step is a little dirt work and then pipe and panels. No better way to spend vacation time then cleaning up the barn yard. I know Grandpa would be pleased. He always loved to see men working and was all about moving forward. Thanks Grandps. We'll make you proud. 

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