Wednesday, May 11, 2022


It’s hard to grow a weed around Worland without irrigation. Three weeks ago we had put hay seed in the ground and it was time to get water to it. What made it a challenge is we hadn't irrigated this corner since we put the pivot in almost 20 years ago. Let's just say this was one giant leap for man, even though it was a small step on the ranch. 

Getting water to the corner was the biggest obstacle. Everything on our little place is pumped, so the challenge lied more in finding the most economical way to pipe it there. Rob in Buffalo came through with 1200' of 6" aluminum pipe as well all the fittings necessary. Super helpful. Thanks man.

We had all the 4" sprinkle pipe. But in order to get the runs we needed we had to cut the ends off of 5 joints.

The 6" hydrants also needed a little doctoring so our openers would fit on them. 

Laying the 6" pipe out was definitely a two man job.

But the 4" was a three man job. Mom drove the ranch truck. 

Simple as that.

Actually words and pictures don't do this project much justice. For years we've been wanting to plant this corner. Watering it was always the challenge. Well, challenge met and challenge conquered. I'm sure there'll be some bugs here and there to work out. But the good news is that the grass and alfalfa seed has already germinated and begun to grow. Hopefully we can nurse it along till it gets established and then start to hay. it. Good irrigation can make a farmer out of anybody. 

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