Wednesday, April 6, 2022

So it Begins

With Ernie back in town we can finally get to some serious ranching. My old buddy went south for the winter and things got a bit boring. No better way to catchup than a trip to the sale barn in Buffalo. 

It's not often that a muleskinner and a cowboy get along, but we seem to manage.

The dinner alone was worth the trip.

Herefords! Oh man, I was nervous about bidding on the right thing, but when these two girls crossed the scale I knew it was meant to be. They came off the Sheeley Ranch outside of Ranchester WY. Weighing in at 950lbs they went for $20cwt cheaper than their black counterparts. I love them. Think I'll name them Marg and Jan after Mom and her sister. 

Welcome home girls.

Thanks grandpa for tagging along and manning the gate. It's no fun to ranch solo. How great to start off the year's herd with a couple of Hereford beauties. I smell a good summer on the horizon. 

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