Monday, March 14, 2022

Ranch Ready

It's better to be waiting on spring, than spring waiting on you. So in anticipation of warm weather, rain, and new cows, I headed down to the Bell corrals to get the feed situation straightened out. 

You ain't no rancher unless you have the family brand burned into your side boards. 

Dad and I had some hay stashed away back home from last summer. Just as pretty as the day we baled it. 

Hank even showed up to pitch in. 

A little different placement this year. I'm pretty confident, or at least hopefully, that the herd outside the corral won't mess with our stack. This'll sure be a convenient spot to get to it. And yes, I did put steel posts on the outside corners. 

Now all we need are some cows.

Hopefully that'll be soon. Gerry has a couple with our name on them already. Might as well make a game plan right now. How bout 12 heiferettes this spring and we'll start to run them up to the Raney Ranch as soon as we start to see some green. Sounds good to me. 

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