Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Praying for Rain

I don't think the 30's has much over the current drought in Campbell County. It's dry, and been dry for two years. Beings it's so early in the spring, there is still ample opportunity for enough moisture to get us out of this slump. But we decided not to wait until May to storm Heaven to storm us. So we started with a nine day novena of praying for moisture. Then on Wednesday evening we celebrated Mass on the Durham Ranch. I suppose that's about as close to a Catholic rain dance as you can get. 

It is starting to green up around the countryside. And timely moisture can really keep it going. As always, our Mass was a thanksgiving offering to God for answered prayers. In the end, we know that He'll provide for us in one way or another, and that He'll bring good out this natural evil called drought. 

Please join us in continuing to pray that the Lord bless us with moisture. 

The Great Depression led to the Greatest Generation. I have no doubt that there is method to the Lord's madness. He is permitting this evil to happen and we know that it is not purposeless. Nevertheless Lord, may this drought pass from us. Yet, not our will, but Your will be done.

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