Wednesday, March 9, 2022


I don't claim to be much of a cook, but turns out I can make jerky. Having a steady supply of beef, I thought I'd try my hand at drying meat. A few tweaks here and there, but over the last year I think we have making jerky dialed in. 

Paul Casey and I plan to start an open forum discussion group called Chewing the Fat, with coffee and jerky. 

Not having made jerky before, I called my brother for his recipe. I'd like to share it, but it's a family secret. 

5/16" seems to be a good thickness for raw beef. It'll dry down to about an 1/8". I like sirloin and round strips the best.

Then off to our trusty American Harvest dehydrators. During the 12hrs of drying, they put off a nice aroma around the house that I think Fr. Cliff really enjoys.

I'll check them and the ones that are a bit tender we'll keep drying. Generally speaking, 12hrs of marinating and 12hrs of drying will do the trick. 

Ready to serve. The meat is pretty dry when it first comes out. But after sitting in a bag for several days, it softens right up. 

It seems like I have made more friends since I've been jerkying beef. Not sure why. Guess people are just more friendly when you've got dried meat in your pocket. Our Lord said that man cannot live on bread alone. But I think he could live on jerky alone, or a least he'd try. Paul and I are pretty convinced that dried beef and hot coffee can solve the world's problems. Why don't you pull up a chair and let's find out. 

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