Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Skinnin Cats

Jason Kuhbacher called and invited us up to the ranch to work cows on Wednesday. We couldn't make that, but we went ahead and ran up there today for a visit. It’s always good to be on Belle Cr. and visit Bonnie and him. After a good ranch lunch and chat about the place, we went out and got our hands dirty skinning a bobcat. 

Bonnie trapped this nice female just yesterday. They are not uncommon in this area of Montana. 

Their hides are worth a pretty penny to the tanners in town. 

Not quite like skinning a cow. You don't want to cut the hide and you also tube them by mainly pulling the hide off.

Nice work you two.

Afterwards Jason showed us some of the heifer calves that they are planning to bread. Looks like they have them cake friendly.

On to the next one.

Always good to see Jason and Bonnie. They are living the dream, just ranchin. I was glad Gerry got to know them; their faith is real. Our time together is winding down. Let's see what else we can squeeze in. 

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