Sunday, February 6, 2022

Feeding the World

Now that Lungren Brothers has gone international, we've thought about changing our slogan to Feeding the World. We'll see. One thing America has to offer the world is hamburgers. 

 Our Spaniard brother Gerry has been an asset in our farm to fork operation.

After we chunk up some choice portions of beef, we run it through the grinder. For hamburger patties we like a richer fat to meat ratio.

We then run it through a second time, but with a finer grind. 

Then comes the work, pressing the little buggers. Our press is actual made in Spain. It works good but takes some time and talent. Our patties end up being about 1/2 pounders.

My buddy Daren taught me that flash freezing them before packaging makes them keep their form. 

Once froze, they sure do seal up nice. We made about 250 patties. 200 of them are going to Kurt and Leah's wedding in the spring. 

Of course we have to do our own quality control. 

Looks like they pass inspection. 

Hamburgers are my favorite food, and I'd like to share with the world the goodness that they have brought into my life. Nothing says freedom like ground beef and a cold beer. I'm confident that beef can reconcile the world's problems. We at Lungren Brothers Cattle Company won't stop ranching until every man, woman, and child has a hamburger in front of them. Peace

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