Friday, December 3, 2021

The Catholic Cowboy Way

For the past couple years folks have been telling me about a cowboy priest in South Dakota that I need to meet. Try as I may, our paths never crossed. Finally he gave me a call and we made plans to hang out. No better way to get to know a guy then over skinning a cow.

Fr. Zane Pekron grew up on a ranch near Philip SD and went to seminary right after high school. He never quit wearing his hat though. 

I first heard about him from some mutual parishioners of ours who told me that their priest from Belle preg checked their cows for them. I knew from that moment on we'd get along.

This was also Johnny's debut. She did real well. Raised ole 40 up nice and high.

Tragedy struck though when I jumped out the back of my pickup. Rolled ole lefty pretty good.

Nothing that a cowboy cast can't fix though.

I love the Catholic Cowboy Way of life. Hanging with Zane just stoked my fire. Without a doubt the Church needs more cowboys. And furthermore, She could use a few more cowboy priests too!

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