Thursday, December 16, 2021


My favorite cut on a cow is the T-bone. It takes two nice pieces of meat that might be a little small on there own and combines them: the New York, which is at the tail end of the backstrap and the Tenderloin, which is inside the rib cage. 

Out of each cow I can get 12 1 1/4" steaks. The top left 4 are Porterhouses, which are the furthest back on the backstrap and have the biggest portion of the Tenderloin. The New York portions has the fat rind. If you quarter turn these steaks with the rind on top, that's how they'd sit on the cow. They butt up to each other and the spinal cord runs through them. 

It takes a steady hand, but I just cut them with my Sawzall. 

Ready for the grill.

We have only one cow to go out of the 12 we purchased this spring. No complaints. Ol' 32 will come home this weekend. 

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