Sunday, November 21, 2021

Heartbreak Horses

The day finally came to bring the horses home. For the past 5 months they have been in horse heaven at Bill and Joanne Fields' place. The TLC they revieved there was second to none, let alone the pasture they had to run. I'm sure they are all gonna miss each other.

Bill and Joanne have been super good to me since I first arrived in Gillette. Like me, they would consider home to be in the Big Horn Basin.

It's been a real joy for both the horses and I to spend time with Joanne. She has a love and knowledge of horses that is good for us to be around. Now I know how to properly tie a halter knot, among many other tips. Thanks Joanne, we're gonna miss you. 

On to the next one.

You might consider my horses freeloaders. They bounce around from pasture to pasture, wherever they can find a spare blade of grass or a willing hand to give them a cup of oats. I can think of 7 different homes around CC that they have held up in over the past couple years. Each place they tend to fall in love with each other. And each time we move on to the next one they leave a hole in people's hearts. Happy memories through. Today they began their winter residence at Colleen Chauk's. A full ration of feed and a nice view, what more could they ask for. With Thanksgiving approaching, I'm forever grateful to the generous folks who house my horses. May God reward you.

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