Thursday, September 23, 2021

Day in the Sun

With the first day of fall upon us, it was imperative to go up into the Big Horns and get some fresh air. The southern end of the mountains was our destination and Dick Williams from Casper was my trail boss.

This area, known as Red Wall on Willow Creek, was a side of the Horns I had yet to see. Bucket list, check.

My heart leaped for joy as we crossed into county 20.

This leg of the journey is called Rough Lock Hill. Rough locking a wagon is when it was so steep that they locked up the rear wheels, usually with a log, and skidded down the slope. Tougher than the rest. 

Can't beat a good two track through golden aspens.

Which led right into the Williams' cabin. They built this cabin, along with two others near by, in 1974. It was a project undertaken by the three amigos, friends who banded together to develop this land on the Middle Fork of the Powder River up Outlaw Canyon. Dick spent three months on the building crew that year. It was a nice break from law school. Job well done partner.

Pretty cool construction. The cedar logs were pre-cut and are still tight as a wedge today.

Dick and his late brother Barry, have been the stewards of the cabin since their parents passed away. Slowly the next generation is beginning to take the reins and finding as much joy in it as they have.

Remember O most gracious Virgin Mary...

Not a bad view off the front deck.

Thanks for the tour Dick. I saw new country and made a good friend. Keep up the Good work. The Church could use a few more cowboys like you.

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