Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The Granddaddy of them All

Jason knows how to pick them. For the last two years his branding dates have been on Marian feast days. This year it was the Visitation. Hands down, the Kuhbacher branding is my favorite day of the year. Gorgeous day. Surprisingly green, thanks be to God. And not too hot. A fun time was had by all, but especially by Ernie and I.  

The roundups went smooth. We gather them and then make the stampede into the portable corrals.

Once penned, the boys worm the cows and separate the calves.

Then let the fun begin. 

Ol' son even got to drag a few.

Kuhbacher girl power.

The Three Wisemen

Bonnie's mid-morning feast is worth shutting down the fire to enjoy.

As we celebrate Memorial Day, I'm reminded of so many who have sacrificed to ensure our freedom. It doesn't get any more free than cowboying on an open prairie. Thanks be to God for those who gave their lives and continue to give of their lives to defend our most precious God given gift, freedom. It doesn't come cheap.

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