Thursday, May 6, 2021

Out and About

The first Wednesday of the month took Chief and I up to Hulett to check on the flock and celebrate Mass. We figured while we were up in those parts we'd ride fence on Joe's place.

It was good to get the racks out and Chief was happy to jump in and go.

However, we ran into this green eyed monster on the way and I didn't want to drag him through that. The drawbacks of stock racks...

So we ducked into Tom's place in Carlile and borrowed his trailer. Martha was happy to see us as we pulled up on location. 

I love fixing fence. ‘Specially when it ain’t broke. 

The herd is settled now, 12 heiferettes. The going plan is to put the three lightweights on Joe's place and run the other 8, minus one that we'll harvest before we leave town, on the Raney Ranch. Life is good. All thanks be to God.

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