Sunday, May 23, 2021

LB Cattle Company Day

The day finally arrived, Cattle Company Day. When the dust settled we ended up with 12 Catholic Cows: 2 from Douglas, 2 from the 9 Iron in Worland, 1 from Kuhbachers, 2 from Tweedy's, and 5 from Geis Brothers. With them being brand inspected and transferred into Lungren Brothers, it was time to put on our brand, ear tag them, and haul a few to pasture.  

When you only run 12 cows, you have to squeeze all the fun you can out of them. So I called my trusty sidekick Kurt and went full on ranch with two horses.

We also brought out the varsity crew, Gerry on the chute, Gwen keeping them coming, and little man calling the shots.

White tags seem to be fitting. Picking up where we left off last year, this year's herd ended in 42.

Shoulder brands are not ideal in a chute, but Kurt navigated the irons well.

When it was all said and done, Mickey graded the day. Kurt got All Around Cowboy for wearing chinks and hat. Gerry got Top Hand for not missing a cow in the head catch. And Gwen got Best Smile.

The day wasn't over though. Kurt had some important business to tend to in the afternoon. So I grabbed Ernie and we headed for Hulett. 

Ernie got a head count as we turned them loose, 4. 

Joe Gantz's heifers were happy to see the new girls. Chief thinks they'll get along just fine.

So it begins. The grass is coming on strong, though we continue to pray for rain. I'm excited for the summer grazing. The plan is to haul four more up there next week and then three others to Beaver Creek the following week. This Black Hills grass will make for some tasty beef. Thanks be to God for Wyoming following the Food Freedom Act which allows a producer to get beef into the hands of good folks without state intervention.

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