Friday, April 23, 2021

Day Thuggin

If a cowboy isn't given the good fortune of owning his own place, he can alway ranch vicariously through others. That's what I do most of the time. Today it was with the Kuhbacher's just north of the border. 

In French, belle means beautiful. This is sure some beautifully rugged Montana country.

Snow or shine. We ranch all the time. 

It'd been too long since I'd seen Jason and the girls. After we celebrated Mass we saddled up. 

Checking calving cows is a daily core no matter what the conditions. I can't imagine a more surefooted way of getting around these breaks then on horseback. 

They pasture calve the older girls. These mamas stand by their kids' side.

And if they have to leave for feed, they keep them well protected. 

Once they are up and bouncing around, the pairs get moved to another pasture. 

On the way back to the house we picked up an open heifer. 

Thanks partner. She fits right in. We'll send you a T-bone. 

Day riding is a good way to keep the leather limber. If a man's willing to work, he can always find a place to throw in with. It's not about the money. It's about feeding America. I'm convinced that beef is the answer to America's problems. Ranch hard. Be happy. 

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