Saturday, March 13, 2021

Riding for the Brand

We heard a 100 year snow storm was heading for the Rocky Mountain front, so the Wyoming Catholic Cowboys jumped in the bus and headed for Meadowlark to check it out. 

Ol Yeller had been sitting idle for a few years so Kurt and I spruced her up and fitted her with the Diocesan brand, the Rockin Chi Rho. 

Eight of us in all were brave enough to go.

Kurt took the wheel so we could celebrate Mass and start the day off in the right direction. 

The Sports Lure in Buffalo outfitted us with skis, boots, and helmets (for those without hard heads). 

The bus was built for adventure.

When I was a kid there was no chair lift. This is pretty slick. 

Don't look down Lungren, you might get scared. 

Collin knows this hill well so he showed us the ropes. 

Kurt's not used to unmotorized sports, but he did pretty well. 

Stu hasn't been on skis in nine years. You'd never guessed by the way he tore it up. 

Leah's determined to master skiing this year. She's well on her way. 

It was good for Jeanette to get away from the books and smell some fresh mountain air. 

Typical Jared, always showing off. 

If he wasn't such a good cook we'd leave him at home. Just jokin. Thanks ol' son.

A fun time was had by all. Poor Claire, her bum knee wouldn't allow her to ski, but she was able snow shoe and hang loose in the lodge. Without her we wouldn't have gotten this trip organized. 

My favorite dismissal at Mass is Go in peace, glorifying the Lord with your lives! That's what we did today. St. JPII, who's papal motto was Totus Tuus, which means Jesus I am totally Yours through Mary, was smiling down on us. He loved to ski. His first words to the faithful after being named pope was Be not afraid! A little snow storm doesn't scare us. Why, because Jesus is in our boat. And when we ride for His brand, life rocks!


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