Sunday, March 28, 2021

Catholic Cattle Company Day

Spring has sprung and it's time to start thinking cows. The goal this year is to get us 12 heiferettes and butcher them throughout the summer and fall. Now's the time to start gathering them but grass has a ways to go before they can go to pasture. So Gerry and Gwen Geis generously offered their corrals for a couple months while we build the herd. The first two critters came in today.  

Beneath these western skies...

George and Jeannie Etchemendy brought the two girls up from Douglas and after Mass we made the swap.

I've never had red cows before. Weighing in around 900 lbs.

Welcome home girls. 

So it begins. If you want to have a good summer you can't wait until June 21 to start planning it. Plan your work and work your plan, is what my ole man always taught me. Our plan, 12 head on grass in Hulett through the summer. Now it's time to work it. 

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