Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Happy Birthday Mom

Suzi made some homemade bread for Mom on her birthday with strict orders for Chad and I that it arrive safely. So we jumped in his white horse and hit the road over the mountain. 

This wasn't his first rodeo. Chad'll run hotshot anywhere in the tristate region as long as he's home in time to lead the Rosary. 

Once in town, we stopped by Luke's feedlot to give him a few pointers on sewing up a cow

Mission accomplished. Thanks partner. 

Being the official secretary of Lungren Brothers Cattle Company we gave Ma a company jacket

And threw her a party

I won't tell you what number she turned. Nice job on the angel food cake Grandma Ruth.

Here's a shot of the house from 400'

Beings Chad already headed home, I jumped in ole yeller and ran her back to Gillette. I think she'll complement our operation. Let the good times roll!

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