Sunday, July 19, 2020

We Work Hard. We Play Hard.

God is so good.  I'm always hunting for pasture to run a few head of cattle on, and Joe Ortner had just what we were looking for. So off to fix fence Lee and I went.

A pretty rowdy crew: Boone, Joe, me, Lee, and Chief

I thought it would be good if Lee fixed the fence on the hill sides. Martha the mule also tagged along.

Just ranchin 

Just lookin pretty

Whoa Boone!

You ain't no supper puncher if you get off your horse to fix fence.

Once Lee got all the work done he got to go surf Cook Lake.  Lookin good Cowboy!

The Ortner family just completed their beautiful home in the Bear Lodge Mts.

Take a load off dad

Here's the family: Young Joe, Terry, Joe, James, and Lee. Thanks family for making us part of yours.

Bryce and Jose contemplating the universe as we rolled back into town.

So fun. There's little I'd rather do for fun than cowboy. It's tough to beat life in the northeast corner of Wyoming.  Lee and I gotter done. Now all we need is cows. That'll come at the end of the week. Until then, sit tall in the saddle. 

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